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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WAMS ID, and do I need to have one to submit my annual report?

A WAMS ID is a username and password that can be used to log into the One Stop Business Portal. The WAMS ID is different than the Entity ID listed on the mailed postcard notification.

If an Annual Report is completed when logged in with a WAMS ID, the Annual Report details will be saved. When you come back to file an Annual Report next year with the same WAMS ID, you will be able to see your report from the year before. Annual Reports will remain viewable for seven years, allowing you to see almost a decade of business records all in one place.

You do not need to create a WAMS ID to submit an Annual Report. All Annual Report steps can be completed without ever logging in. If you do not wish to create a WAMS ID to save your Annual Reports, please click the ‘I Want To’ drop down button in the upper right-hand corner and select ‘File Annual Report’.

I tried to register for a WAMS ID and it said I already have one, but I don’t know what it is? How do I recover my existing WAMS ID username and password?

If you already have a WAMS ID, you can recover your username and reset your password using Account Recovery. Please follow the instructions provided on the Account Recovery page to successfully recover your WAMS ID username and reset your password.

My business information is the same as last year. How can I find out what I submitted for my Annual Report last year?

You will find that most fields in your Annual Report are auto-populated with information previously filed for your business. However, other fields will require you to enter up-to-date information.

Previous Annual Reports should be kept on file with your business internally. Please contact the individual at your business who would keep these records, such as your accountant or an owner/manager. You can also order a copy of a previous year’s annual report or the articles of incorporation/organization.

I am trying to log into the e-payment portal to make a payment, but my username and password are not working. What should I do?

After you have completed your Annual Report, you will be directed to the US Bank E-Payment Portal to submit payment. This is an external site that looks different from the One Stop Business Portal. **Note: Login credentials you used for 2016 and previous years’ report filings will not carry over to this new system.

There are two options at this page:

  1. Register an e-payment username. By registering, you can choose to create a username and password to save your payment details to use as a “quick pay” option. This is especially helpful for those who manage multiple businesses and complete many Annual Reports a year.
  2. Pay without registering. If you prefer to enter payment details manually, you can click on the 'Pay without Registering' link under the red ‘Login’ button to enter payment details without saving them. This option is useful for those who do not complete many Annual Reports a year or do not wish to create another username and password.
My business is no longer in operation. How can I notify the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions?

An entity that wishes to terminate their existence will find Articles of Dissolution on the Department of Financial Institutions website under the appropriate entity type heading. Please select your entity type and locate the appropriate Articles of Dissolution form. For example:

  • Form 10 for a Business Corporation
  • Form 510 for an LLC

If you need any assistance finding/completing the forms or have further questions about closing your business, please reach out to the Department of Financial Institutions by phone at (608) 261-7577, or via email at

For support for the One Stop Business Portal, please contact NIC Wisconsin: